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In what way is the ArteorTM design innovative?
From a formal point of view, ArteorTM innovates through its bevelled profile. By a visual effect, the object appears
to float in space, weightless, bestowing unique elegance on the room.
Moreover, its lines echo those of high-tech objects increasingly found in interiors: flat screens, digital photo frames, and computer screens.
With ArteorTM, wiring devices are perfectly in sync with new technologies.

“With ArteorTM, wiring devices are perfectly
in sync with new technologies.”

Why offer two versions: round and square shaped rocker plates?
We think that the user needs to have this choice. We therefore designed
a wider range where the options may be freely combined. The two basic
and essential shapes – the circle and the square – ensure the multiple
functions of modern wiring devices are harmoniously integrated.

Furthermore, each version has its own advantages:
We have therefore rethought the traditional square rocker plate so as to
equip it with better ergonomics: a slightly concave surface facilitates the
The difference is also visually noticeable and creates harmonious variations
on surface composition.